October 2018, Ceres Pharma launches BELÈNE® ; an innovative high-quality skin care brand.

BELÈNE®is a high-tech Anti-Age skin care line for smooth and firm skin by boosting collagen production.

This new line was developed and clinically tested in collaboration with scientists and dermatologists. BELÈNE® is based on a unique 360° technology with anti-age care from inside AND outside.

The Anti-Age Beauty Drink, an own Ceres Pharma development, repairs sagging and aged skin from within. The Anti-Age cosmetic products from the skin care line ensure additional action from outside.


BELÈNE® products are from now on available in pharmacies and are composed of scientifically-backed  ingredients in high, effective doses. Morover, with the help of a scientifically based 2-phase program, consumers are guided to benefit from maximum effects of this unique skin care line.