Acquisition of the Romanian firm Viva Pharma

Belgian owned Ceres Pharma, a dynamic and fast-growing pharmaceutical company active in healthcare & well-being, has completed the acquisition of the Romanian firm Viva Pharma. The price of the takeover will not be disclosed.

Viva Pharma is the second foreign acquisition of Ceres Pharma

In 2018 Ceres Pharma acquired Ceumed, a marketing and sales company active in  derma-cosmetics and medical devices in Hungary,Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.The acquisition of Viva Pharma is the second foreign acquisition of Ceres Pharma in the region. "I am extremely happy that we have come to an agreement with Viva Pharma. Ceres Pharma and Viva Pharma share the same growth vision and strategy and we have known the owners for a long time. With Viva Pharma we will reinforce our position in Romania, we can enlarge our product portfolio in Central and Eastern Europe and we have access to the R&D and GMP Production facilities of Eminvest”, says Mario Debel, CEO of Ceres Pharma. 

About Viva Pharma

Bucharest-based Viva Pharma is a marketing and sales company active in dietary supplements, derma-cosmetics and medical devices in Romania. Viva Pharma is present in different product categories such as: disinfectants, vitamin and mineral supplements, derma, anti-lice, anti-mosquito, anti-tick, cough and cold, laxatives, gastro, joint care, … Some of the important Viva Pharma brands are: SantaDerm®, SantaDerm® ParasiteS, SeptiMar, SeptiClean®, LaxaClean and Mobilin. All Viva Pharma brands and products but also the 20 employees will be taken over. All Ceumed brands and products sold in Romania will be integrated in the Viva Pharma structure.

Valentin Hagiu, Commercial Director of Viva Pharma, and Antonio Marinescu, Marketing Manager of Viva Pharma, will remain on board after the takeover. “We are particularly proud to be part of a bigger group, such as Ceres Pharma. Together, we will be stronger  to execute our ambitious growth plan in Romania and we will be able to sell our current product portfolio and new innovative products also in Central and Eastern Europe", says Valentin Hagiu, Commercial Director of Viva Pharma.


About Ceres Pharma 

Ceres Pharma is a young and dynamic Belgian pharmaceutical company founded by the investment company Alychlo and CEO Mario Debel. The ambition of Ceres Pharma is to grow the company by developing its own portfolio and through acquisitions. In 2017 Pharco Innovations, CalxPlus®, Primrose and Etixx® were consolidated. In 2018 the contraception, menopause and urology brands and products of Mithra Pharmaceuticals were taken over for the BeLux territory and also Ceumed was acquired. In 2019 2Pharma was taken over. Ceres Pharma is active in the development, production and distribution of drugs, medical products, cosmetics, high-quality food supplements and pharmaceutical compounding in the BeLux, Spain, Central and Eastern Europe.