Press release: Exclusive license rights BeLux of Vitamin D medicine.

Ceres Pharma acquires exclusive license rights to a new generation of Vitamin D medicine for the Belgium and Lux market.

Merelbeke, 24thof October -  The Spanish pharma company FAES Farma has granted Ceres Pharma exclusive license rights to their new Vit D medicine for the Belgian and Luxembourg market. Ceres Pharma will launch the new medicine under their own brand name next month. 

As many as 40% of Belgians have a vitamin D deficiency (1).Low vitamin D values are associated with an increased risk of various chronic disorders, including osteoporosis (2).

This represents a new class of medicine for Ceres Pharma, which they will commercialise alongside the existing Woman's Health portfolio (contraception and menopause) that they acquired from Mithra in August last year.

Mario Debel (CEO of Ceres Pharma): “I’m exceptionally proud to be able to independently commercialise a new medicine, only a year after our acquisition of the Mithra portfolio. This is due to our gathered knowledge of the market and our increasing credibility in the pharmaceutical branch.
An ancillary team comprising 10 medical representatives should enable us to additionally become a major player in this therapeutic class of medicines


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