Acquistion 2Pharma

The pharmaceutical company Ceres Pharma from Merelbeke is acquiring the Belgian company 2Pharma.

Through this acquisition, Ceres Pharma will strengthen its position in the OTC market for Women, Health and Babycare. Ceres Pharma thus acquires the exclusive distribution of the Difrax brand, among others, and continues its exclusive partnership with Hospidex in Belgian pharmacies for the Omron and Sissel brands. In addition, Ceres Pharma will now also become active in the market for pharmaceutical raw materials and B2B materials in pharmacies.

Since its inception in 2017, Ceres Pharma has focused on the production and distribution of Healthcare & Wellbeing OTC products, such as Etixx, CalxPlus, Flexipure, Zafranpure and Belène. Through the development of this own portfolio and a number of highly targeted acquisitions, this pharmaceutical company from Merelbeke has experienced remarkable growth over the past two years.

Ceres Pharma recently became market leader in Belgium in the field of contraception and menopause products through the acquisition of the range of women’s medicines from the listed company Mithra. Every day, two teams of eight medical representatives each inform doctors and specialists about our portfolio of medicines and OTX brands. In addition, two pharmacy teams of 6 people each visit Belgian pharmacists.

In October 2018, Ceres Pharma took over the Hungarian Ceumed, adding an important market share in maternal and baby care products to its portfolio. This also opened the door to the growing OTC market in Central and Eastern Europe. At Ceumed, 45 people work in sales and marketing functions, spread out over six countries.