Respi Free

The product range for first-line respiratory tract problems


  • Respi Free Nose

    Respi Free Nose

    100% natural decongestant 
    Medical Device Class Ia

    Common colds
    A common cold, i.e. an acute viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, is the most frequent human disease. Adults, on average, have 1-3 common colds per year, while this can be as high as 10 in children1. Common colds are characterised by the following symptoms: swelling of the nasal mucosa and production of extra mucus, runny nose/blocked nose, sneezing, sore throat, headache, cough, etc.


    The power of seawater
    The advantages of this natural decongestant is that, unlike synthetic decongestants (e.g. sprays based on oxymetazoline or xylometazoline), it does not cause damage to the mucous membranes (rhinitis medicamentosa), does not induce dependency1 and can be used indefinitely and, com-pared to nasal corticosteroids (e.g. sprays based on fluticasone or mometasone), works immediately without any side effects.

    • 100% natural nose spray
    • Safe for chronic and frequent use
    • Effective, without side effects
    • No habituation effect
    • Safe for every patient: from the age of 6 months, during pregnancy, lactation, ...
    • Disorders or medication used are not important
  • Respi Free Throat

    Respi Free Throat

    Softening and protecting of the throat
    Medical Device Class Ia

    Respi Free throat, a multi-action throat spray. Respi Free throat is more than just a standard throat spray, which usually only works symptomatically.This spray relieves a sore throat and also protects the throat against bacteria.

    • Immediate relief from sore throat
    • Multi-action: protects, hydrates, softens & disinfects, refreshes
    • Sugar free, pleasant mint taste
    • Without lidocaine
    • Easy to use
    • Suitable from the age of 6