Muscles and joints

Caps: A premium patented formula with Krill Oil and curcumin in phytosome, which contributes to the maintenance of flexible joints and to the protection of the cartilage.

Spray: Fast relief of muscle and joint pain. Medical Device Class IIa.


  • Flexpure Caps

    Flexpure Caps

    2 natural anti-inflammatory ingrediënts

    • 200mg bioavailable curcumin in phytosome + 300mg krill oil
    • Clinical trials with the active ingredients
    • Sensible effects after 14 days
    • Excellent tolerance, no known side effects
    • Does not contain polysorbate 80
  • Flexipure Spray

    Flexipure Spray

    Flexipure® Spray provides temporary relief from pain in muscles and joints and reduces oedema induced by bruises, strains, sprains, traumas and falls.

    • Immediate pain relief: efficacious and fast
    • With Flexi-technology®:
    1. Pain-killing
    2. Micro massage for extended action and better circulation
    3. Softens the skin
    • No known adverse effects or interactions
    • Can be used on people aged 3 and over
    • Safe even with frequent use
    • Easy to take with you on the go
    • Rapidly absorbed by the skin