Etixx sports nutrition offers athletes healthy support for optimal sporting performance.

For athletes it is important to consume the right nutrients at the right moment. In this way you get the maximum out of your training and you can be sure your body recovers well after an effort.

The complete Etixxs sports nutrition and supplement range perfectly assists you to use the most appropriate sports nutrition to stimulate energy production, hydration, muscle building and recuperation ... before, during and after the training and in the run-up to a competition.


Why Etixx?

  • Developed with top sports personalities & their medical teams
  • Safe products, guaranteed free from doping
  • A complete yet comprehensive range



Etixx was founded in 2009. From the outset, it was our intention as a company to support athletes before, during and after their achievements. That is why we created a wide range of sophisticated, balanced nutritional products and supplements, tailored to the needs of all those who dedicate themselves to their sport, professionally, as amateurs, or just for fun.

Most traditional brands of supplements have their roots in the world of fitness, weight lifting and power training. As a result, they are often geared towards physically visible results, without much attention to the whole picture for the athlete: whether he or she actually feels good.


Etixx is different: we approach our activities from a purely scientific perspective, with a focus on the health and the well-being of the athlete. We do this by working with a varied team of specialists from various sectors, such as biochemistry, medical specialisations (such as sports doctors and physiotherapists), biomedical scientists, pharmacologists and top international athletes.



Fine tuning our nutritional products and supplements requires very meticulous planning, development and testing, both in our laboratories and on the field or track (or wherever athletes are active).

We are proud of this way of working, because it allows us to guarantee the top quality of our products. And it is this quality that forms the basis of the respect and recognition that we have gained in the sporting world over the years.



    • Health range: Vitamins and minerals
    • Power range: Support muscle function and devolopment
    • Endurance range: Improved endurance
    • Performance range: Enchanced performance
    • Recovery range: Faster recovery, thus in better shape for the next training session