Difrax stands for innovative baby products with a modern design developed by experts to make life as pleasant as possible for babies and parents.

Founded in 1967, Difrax is the Dutch A-brand for baby products and is the market leader in the baby bottles and dummies segment. As an international player, Difrax is also at the forefront in terms of baby products. Everything Difrax does is all about baby and parent. With its innovative, stylish products, Difrax wants to make the life of baby and parent as pleasant as possible. In recent years, Difrax has gained fame with the development and introduction of groundbreaking, award-winning products as well as with its refreshing and innovative advertising campaign.

The range can be found in specialist baby shops and pharmacies.

Years of research into the fit of dummies 

The unique butterfly shape is the result of years of research and development in collaboration with a medical panel. The butterfly shape, for which Difrax dummies are famous, and the holes provide an extra air supply, reducing the risk of skin irritation, and keeps the nose free, making it easier for your child to breathe.


S-bottle: most popular bottle for baby, mum and dad

The unique operation of the S-bottle and the trendy colours make this the number one baby bottle in the Netherlands. This smart bottle can be used from birth and is ideal in combination with breastfeeding.


The unique S-shape allows the feeder to feed the child in an ergonomic, responsible and relaxed position. Because of the shape, the teat is constantly filled with milk and not with air. The valve in the base of the bottle prevents a vacuum from being created and ensures a constant milk flow. The combination of both properties reduces the risk of burping, spitting and intestinal cramps.

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