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Ceres Pharma is a young, dynamic and fast growing Belgian pharmaceutical company founded by the investment company Alychlo and CEO Mario Debel. It is Ceres Pharma's ambition to grow the company by developing its own portfolio, through distributions and acquisitions. In 2017 Pharco Innovations, CalxPlus®, Primrose and Etixx® are consolidated. In 2018, the contraception, menopause and urology brands and products of Mithra Pharmaceuticals for the BeLux region and also the Hungarian company Ceumed were acquired. In 2019, 2Pharma was acquired. In 2020 the Romanian company Viva Pharma was acquired. In 2021, the Bulgarian ABOPharma and Ceres Pharma itself were acquired by the investment company Naxicap Partners. Ceres Pharma is active in the development, production and distribution of drugs, medical devices, biocides, cosmetics, high-quality food supplements and pharmaceutical preparations in the Benelux and in Central and Eastern Europe.


Your good health is our prime concern. That is why we specialise in the development, production and distribution of drugs, medical products and high-quality food supplements. The high-quality food supplements are based on the latest scientific insights in the field of nutritherapy and phytotherapy.

In our search for innovative products, we see ourselves as a trustworthy and reliable partner pursuing a targeted approach in line with our core values.



A multidisciplinary team composed of physicians, pharmacists and in-house researchers, develops products based on the latest scientific insights in the field of nutritherapy and phytotherapy. The focus is on making a significant contribution to health and wellness.




Every step in the development process is subjected to stringent procedures to prevent errors and deliver a reliable product. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is deeply ingrained in our standard production process, ensuring the products we deliver can be used safely.



We work to the highest possible standards. In-depth clinical studies with our products provide evidence of their efficacy and therapeutic safety (no side effects).

In doing so, our experience in developing and selling medical testing kits and high-tech food supplements guarantees unanimously positive results.

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